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Welcome to Worlds Worst Words Greetings Cards, the creative baby of Nicki Ingram and Justine Marklew. Two Brummie women looking for a level of rudeness and quirky design on greetings cards we hadn’t seen on sale before. Failing to find it, we designed our own and our creative first born, Worlds Worst Words Greetings Cards arrived.

Bored with a greetings card market saturated with glittery glamour, gaudy clichés, cutesy cats, pictures of shiny sling backs, women represented as a pack of Prosecco obsessed wino’s, jaded housewives or perfect yummy mummies - we needed a dirty protest!

We resent being told to "Keep Calm and Carry On" we prefer to be cheeky, objectionable, naughty or hysterical if it suits us - so we felt inspired to bridge that gap ourselves.

We want greetings cards that cross the boundaries, are full of attitude, gusto, gumption and a sprinkling of vulgarity. 

You might gasp,’ they use the c word a lot in their cards!’  Well let’s be honest we all know one, so why not send them a card.

Even if you don’t spell their name with a capital C, your friends and family will enjoy receiving one of our cards that are rude, minimalist, black and white and simplistic doodles and a little bit random!

They're classic, sweary insulting, memorable, funny and we hope they appeal to people who are looking for a less flowery term of endearment for their friends or loved ones.

Eighty percent of greetings cards are bought by women, that means men are failing to take the time to find a special card that doesnt patronise and over-feminise women within an inch of their proverbial peep-toes!But this doesn't mean we are excluding men. We know men will enjoy the humour and near to the knuckle gags we love so very much too.

Let face it some blokes dont want to buy a card for their significant other when it plastered with pictures of soft focus red roses and teddy bears and who could blame them.

Thats where we come in - we are filing a gap in the market for men and women who are sick glitter, gaudiness and all that garb.

We dont embrace traditional female gender stereotypes, the same we would never assume all men love beer, golf and garden sheds Geez!

Our greetings cards provide level playing field where any adult with a sense of humour, appreciation of innuendo, naughty designs, a mischievous mind-set, like a cheeky chuckle and have their tongue firmly placed in their cheek, can enjoy 

Our website worldsworstwordsgreetingscards.co.uk makes it easy for anyone to log on, look, laugh and then send a card that their recipient will gasp, then giggle and then guffaw at. 

It's not just about naughty words. But a cheeky, wayward, sassy, playful, ballsy, brazen, but sophisticated opportunity to offend and affront anyone who might appreciate a good laugh.

Our greeting cards are unapologetically twisted, random, politically incorrect with a side order of innuendo and Oh  La La!  They're rude, riotous, distinctive, occasionally undignified, but we make no apology for that!

If you love rude words, think insults are a term of endearment, you are a Sweary Mary, or know someone else who is then our range has something mischievous and amusing for you. We hope they make you smile, smirk, snigger, gasp and guffaw.

We dare you to greet your friends, siblings, parents, work mates, neighbours, aunts, uncles, nans and grandads, stags and hens like you’ve never greeted them before.